Friday, December 28, 2012

First haul: M·A·C

Hi everyone!
So here it goes... My first haul post. A few days ago I was at M·A·C store near my home and I bought a few adorable beauty products. I was so excited to get them after all recommendations I got for them on YouTube. As I said in the previous post (which was the first one), I'm gonna give you my opinion about all these products right here. I hope that my reviews will help you to decide if these products are worth your money cause it's really disappointing to buy something and find out that it was such a huge mistake. If you want to see which products I picked up, just keep reading...

I really love M·A·C products, it's a very professional firm. Also they have a large selection of lipstick, eyeshadow and blush colors, everyone can match for herself the perfect color. Of course, their brushes are the top, they are amazing but really expensive, in Israel it costs a lot more then in other countries. I can't wait till I go abroad and shop there. Ok, I'll stop talking and show you what I purchased...
M·A·C 'Hip 'N' Happy' Lip Pencil
Price: 80.00₪ (New Shekels)
Review: I wasn't used to put lip pancil before, till I tried this one. It had very strong color when I put it on my lips. After I ate, my lipstick faded away but the lip pencil was still on and bright. It felt good on my lips and didn't make them dry. It's very easy to use and I've thoroughly enjoyed this product.
M·A·C 'Lovelorn' Lustre Lipstick
Price: 90.00₪ (New Shekels)
Review: 'Lovelorn' it's the perfect pink for me. The one I've been looking for a long time and now I found it. I have to say that all M·A·C lipsticks have very nice smell of vanilla or something like that and I really like it. It has a lustre sheer, it's specially matched for dry and chapped lips as mine so I got very good results. It's not a long-stay lipstick that I thought it would be and you need to have it in your purse for touch-ups.
M·A·C Pencil shapener
Price: 21.00₪ (New Shekels)
Review: I have to sharpen my pencils somehow, right? I didn't try it yet, but I'm sure that it will make a good job with no problems.
Here are the swatches...
Left to right: 'Hip 'N' Happy' Lip Pencil, 'Lovelorn' Lustre lipstick.
So, these are the products. I hope you liked them cause I did. I recommend you each of these products, their are amazing. I have to say that I don't work for any of those firms that I poblish here, in my blog. Don't think I'm trying to convince you into buying these products or something. It's only my opinion, I bought it by myself and nobody paid me for this publishing. I really enjoyed doing this post, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Well, I'll see you in the next post...


  1. loved the first post, can't wait for more :) xx

  2. As a mac lover this post was really helpful !
    I will definitely go to mac and try these producs on =)
    love your blog! looking forwards to see what you do next


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