Sunday, May 5, 2013

Review: SeboCalm BB Cream

Hi everyone!
Today I'm going to review my new SeboCalm BB Cream which I purchased a few days ago. So, it's actually my first impression but I think it's really clear that this product is going to be my favorite one. There is a really big talking about this innovative product named BB Cream and I absolutely understand why. This product is like all-in-one, both moisturizing and gives you a nice, light coverage and sometimes it even protects you from sunscreen. It's ideal for those of you who don't need a very full coverage for everyday but still want to have a flawless, healthy-look skin. Sometimes I felt that my makeup is too heavy for me for everyday use and I think this product is a very good solution for me. My first experience with the BB cream was about a year ago. I purchased the Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector and I absolutely didn't like this product. It makes my skin look very oily. So after this unsuccessful experience I decided to not use BB creams anymore and to continue using makeups. Till I heard about this SeboCalm BB Cream. I heard about this product from one of the YouTubers. She said that this product is such a miracle and it's perfect for combination-oily skin as well, so I decided to try out. I have to say that this product is really amazing. It has a matte finish, such a great coverage, SPF 35 and it's matching for sensitive skin as well and I have very sensitive skin. It comes in two shades: 01 natural and 02 beige. Of course I have the light one. It has a pump which is very comfy to use and more aesthetic I think. It has no smell as the Garnier one have but I think that it's not that important. SeboCalm is an Israeli brand so I don't sure if you can purchase it abroad, unfortunately. But if you from Israel or visit here or have someone you now who lives here I absolutely recommend you to purchase this product. I bought it for ~28.00$, it was on sale and it's not too expensive in my opinion. So, I hope you find it interesting, see you in the next post, BYE!

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