Saturday, March 23, 2013

PUPA Easy Liner VS. REVLON Liquid Eye Pen

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In this post I'm going to compare two liquid eyeliners. The first one is PUPA Easy liner and the second one is REVLON ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen. Before I start the comparison, I have to say that I think they are both great. For a very long time I used PUPA Easy liner and I was very satisfied with it but the problem with this product is that it has a low quality tube. I just had a bunch of paint all over my hands every time I used it and it's really annoyed me. So to prevent it I just place it vertically. The problen with that is that I can't take it with me when I travling or just put it in my bag. So I decided to buy another eyeliner which is comfy to use and finally I found the perfect product for me - REVLON ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen. I've always avoided from buying pen products because I thought that they are less-pigmented but with this REVLON Eye Pen it's not like that at all. This product is very pigmented, it has a very dark black shade which is great. I have this eye pen in the color 01-Blackest Black but there are two more colors in this series; the blue one and the brown one.

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The results of both of them are really great, they are both doing the same job. They are both gives you a very straight line and you can play with the thickness of it to get the best results. The REVLON Liquid Eye Pen is less dirtied then the PUPA one. After you use the PUPA Easy Liner you need to wipe your lashes before you apply mascara to avoid chunks, which is not necessary with the Revlon one. The only different thing is that PUPA Easy Liner is more pigmented than the REVLON one, you can get the same result with both of them but with REVLON Liquid Eye Pen you need to apply several layers to get a really black line and this is something that you don't need to do with the PUPA one. I think the reason for that is the PUPA Easy Liner brush is allows you the get more material in one dip which is a big plus to gel eyeliners.
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Overall, it's really great to have both of them in your makeup bag. The REVLON Liquid Eye Pen is great for everyday makeup, when we don't have much time in the morning and the PUPA Easy Liner is great for going out and if we have an event or something. The REVLON Liquid Eye Pen is great for traveling and the PUPA one is more for home-use. I hope you liked this comparison, keep chacking my blog and feel free to leave me questions below. If you have any requests for future post-issues, you can write me about it...

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