Sunday, October 6, 2013

M·A·C Haul - Part 2

Hi everyone!
So here I am again, doing another M·A·C haul. I think that it's my favorite makeup brand right now, I'm just obsessed with it, it's kind of weakness I guess. I've wanted to purchase these products for a very long time but somehow it simply didn't happen because every time I visit M·A·C I found something else to buy and every time I say to myself that I'll purchase it next time. Finally it happened and I'm absolutely excited to have and use these products.
The first product that I purchased is this M·A·C Paint Pot in the shade 'Painterly'. Actually I think that it's the most famous Paint Pot shade by M·A·C and I absolutely understand why - it just suits everyone. It has a very natural, skin-toned color and it has no shimmer in it. This product can be a great replacement to the eye-primer and it even have more light texture. You get a really big amount of product (5g) and it lasts forever. It holds the eye-shadow on its place all day, and absolutely NO creasing. I already have two Paint Pots by M·A·C in the shades 'Soft Ochre' and 'Bare Study' and I also did a review about these two shades in the past - Click Here! I would say that 'Soft Ochre' has more yellowy undertones and 'Painterly' has pink undertones but I like them both.
Next I purchased three different eye-shadows; two of them for a palette and the other one in a pot. I tried to choose very wearable colors which can accomplish my other eye-shadows that I already have in my collection. I think that they're all really special colors and each of them has its own uniqueness.
The first color I picked up is 'Patina' - a beautiful a shimmery, brownish taupe color with golden pearl. On the face this eye-shadow color varies depending on the wearer’s skin tone and I think that this is what makes this eye-shadow so special and many people like it. I combined it with different eye-shadow colors and it looks amazing with each of them. Also I think that it's a perfect color for everyday makeup looks, I just put it all over my eyelid and it just looks gorgeous. It's a Frost finish eye-shadow.
Next I purchased these two amazing eye-shadows for a palette. I already filled one square (X4) palette and this is actually my second one...
Expensive Pink: a gorgeous peachy gold duo chrome eye-shadow. It's a Veluxe Pearl finish eye-shadow. This color really reminds me of NARS Orgasm Blush color, it almost looks like an eye-shadow version of the same blush. The golden sheen gives a nice satiny finish on the lids, the duo chrome effect make it look like a golden in some lights and pinky coral in others. It is nicely pigmented color, goes on lids like a dream and maintains its sheen all day long.
Satin Taupe: a beautiful taupe color with silver shimmer in it. It has some browns, some subtle purples, and very fine silver shimmer that you can barely see, yet give enough glow to the eyes without any "shimmery feeling". This is one of M·A·C's bestseller eye-shadow and I absolutely understand why. The color is not too light and not too dark, so it can be worn lightly for a day time look, or heavily for a night look. It's a Frost finish eye-shadow.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Anyways, if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment. I'll see you in the next post! (:

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