Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Healthy Nails By Nail Tek

Hi everyone!
Since I purchased new Essie nail polishes in different colors, I changed my nail polish every few days. This is actually damaged my nails and they suddenly become brittle and weak. I decided to take a brake from colored nail polishes and start using only a nail strengthener. So far I tried many different nail strengtheners and to be honest they didn't work for me at all. Sometimes it just makes it even worse. This time I've been doing some research over nail strengtheners online and I noticed that many people recommend 'Nail Tek' products. I heard about this brand before but it seems to me that this is another company which is trying to sell you things that isn't actually works and just costs a lot of money for some reason. But after I saw many positive feedbacks online over 'Nail Tek' I decided to try out their products... In this post I want to share with you my first impression of two 'Nail Tek' products that I purchased. At this moment I can't really judge this product since I didn't use it for a while but I promise to return after a while and share with you about the results of this treatment.
So what's that all about? These two products claim to help strenghten weak, thin, soft or peeling nails thanks to their unique protein formulation. I bought them as a set of two products that supposed to complement each other. The first product is actually a base coat or as they call it - Foundation. The second product is a strengthener that can also used as a top coat, they call it - Intensive Therapy.
You can use these products with a regular, colored nail polish or by itself. Overall if you want to get the best results you need to avoid using regular nail polishes during the treatment time. All you need is to apply one coat of the base coat (Foundation) just once a week and over the base you need to apply one thin coat of the strengthener (Intensive Therapy) every single day for 6 days. After a week you need to take it off with a nail polish remover and do the whole routine again and again till you'll see results.
The base coat (Foundation) has a semi-matte finish which is a little bit weird cause it doesn't seems to be like any other product that I used before. At the first use, it's really important to shake it well before using it cause it might be like uneven liquid when you first open it. The strengthener (Intensive Therapy) application slightly polish the whole look and it gives a really natural shine to the nails.
Hopefully, these two products will help my brittle nails to get a healthy look and to prevent any problems in future. If you ever used these products I would love to hear your opinion about them, just leave me a comment below. I'll tell you if it works for me or not after I'll use it for a while... I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I'll see you in the next one! (:
*By the way - SHANA TOVA!

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