Saturday, January 12, 2013

HAUL: Makeup & New Bag

Hi Everyone!
And here I am again, updating with some new products that I purchased. As usual I'm gonna make another review post for you, so you can see how much I liked these products. I actually needed a new brown-shade purse and I found exactly what I wanted in Accessorize store. I love this store, they have amazing products in there and they're so cute. Aspecially I like theirs bags. Actually I already have few bags from Accessorize and I really enjoy them. I have a pinky-beige one which is big enough for all those things that I carry with me usually in evryday and I have two small clutches for events, clubbing and all that stuff. I satisfied with all of them cause they have a high quality and it looks as a natural leather so I decided to buy another one. Here is my babe...
Accessorize Kempton Buckle Satchel
Price: 255.00₪ (New Shekels)
30% OFF - 178.50₪ (New Shekels)
Review: I really disappointed about the price cause in their website I can find it for 16.00£ which is 25.68$. As I said, here, in Israel we have crazy prices. Accessories it's not something I like to buy on the Internet cause I have to see it in my own eyes before I buy it. Anyways, it's amazing bag and it worth the prise. It looks grainy but is actually very smooth and a classic light leather material. Pouch at the front is VERY handy and the fact it has a zip in the main compartment is PERFECT. Also inside the main compartment it another little zip where you can keep very small personal things such as tablets which will keep safe because of the zip and you will never loose them.
Also, I was at M·A·C store, again. I bought a new lipstick that I've wanted for so long and a lip pencil which fits perfectly to the lipstick. Lately I've been spending a lot of money for lipsticks cause I noticed that I don't have a lot of them and I got many recommends about M·A·C lipsticks. Also I bought a concealer cause I didn't like my Revlon concealer at all, I needed to put several layers of it to cover my dark circles and it's really despairs me. Anyway on to the reviews...
M·A·C 'Girl About Town' Amplified Creme Lipstick
Price: 90.00₪ (New Shekels)
Review: This lipstick is adorable. 'Girl About Town' is described as “bright blue fuchsia”, it is definitely a favourite of the online beauty community, and I have to say I'm in total agreement. I don't think it is marketed to be a long-wearing lipstick but the color lasts a really long time. The creamy texture lasts as long as you don't eat anything or rub anything on your lips but the actual color stays all day.
M·A·C 'More To Love' Pro Longwear Lip Pencil
Price: 106.00₪ (New Shekels)
Review: M·A·C website describes it as, “A new generation of longwearing lip pencil technology. Glides on fluidly and adheres instantly. Defines the lips with an instant release of rich, saturated colour. Pro-longs the hours between re-application. Transfer proof.”

I matched this lip pencil to my 'Girl About Town' lipstick and I got very good results. IT IS stays on the lips for a long time which is great. I know it's right to apply lip pencil before the lipstick but I love to do the opposite, just with this pro-longwear, cause then it spreads more easily on my lips.
Here are the swatches...
Both lip pencil & lipstick...
M·A·C NW20 Select Moisturecover
Price: 109.00₪ (New Shekels)
Review: M·A·C website describes it as, “A luxuriously blendable moisturizing concealer in a tube with built-in doe-foot applicator. Goes on exactly where you want it: blends in for a natural satin-smooth ultra-moisturized finish. Layers up for added coverage. Line-softening, skin-perfecting: The Pros' “select” for under-eyes and delicate skin. Wide shade range provides soft, natural camouflage. Use with the 194 Concealer Brush.”

This is a nice, moisturizing concealer. Not a heavy coverage but great under the eyes as I would like it to be. It has a little bit oily fexture which is good for me cause I have a dry eyes area. I don't have heavy under eye circles so I don't need a lot of coverage. People with heavy under eye circles or with oily/sweaty under eyes will probably dislike it. For those looking for heavier coverage, M·A·C Studio Finish Concealer may be a better pick, it  is a creamy concealer with heavier coverage that also shows up better in photos though it has a tendency to get crease and get cakey with time. With concealers, the general rule is that darker shades give better concealing, so I picked a NW20 tone which is a little bit more darker than my skin tone. Here is the swatch of it...
That's a swatch on my hand, on the right you see it just applied, and blended out lightly on the left.
So, that's it for this post. I know it was more longer than usual but I hope that some of you found it interesting. I'll update soon with a new HAUL of products that I ordered on the Internet. I'll see you soon, just keep checking...


  1. great post! the lipstick/lip pencil looks amazing! xx

  2. אודם מהממם תתחדשי!!!!


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