Friday, January 25, 2013

My Best Hair Product

Hi everyone!
Today I wanna show you my favorite hair-product which I use for a very long time. It's actually a thermo-builder which means you need to use it with hot air hair styling devices, hair straighteners and things like that. It protects your hair from damaging by creating a defence coat over your hair-fibers. I have to say that I'm not used to believe in product promises but this one made me change my mind cause it actually works. I bought it time after time and it never disappoints me. It makes your hair stronger and smooth every time you use it. Also it has a fantastic, airy and adorable smell. I absolutely recommend this product to those of you who have long hair which needs extra-care and certainly if you use hot air hair styling devices. You can purchase this product in hair salons or in special stores that sales products related with hair-care. I bought it here, in Israel. I'm not sure if this product available in all countries but you still can buy it online, just Google it or something.
Mon Platin Thermo Builder
Black Caviar Hair Restoration Treatment
Price: 95.00₪ (New Shekels)
65.00₪ (New Shekels)
This is what they write about the product.
That's all about it. Although most of the people in Israel know English, I still wrote this post in two languages to ease the reading for all those people who find it difficult. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Please feel free to leave me comments, it's very important to me. If you have questions I'll be happy to answer. Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon...


  1. Polina, nice blog and great post
    Interesting products you buy
    Hope you publish posts with makeup tips in the future
    love you honey!!!

    1. Thank you very much! (:
      I'll do makeup tutorials in the future, I promise.


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