Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Shoes

Hi everyone!
Recently, I've been looking for some comfy shoes for everyday. I just mentioned that I have a giant part of high heeled shoes in my closet and I don't really have something that I might love to wear for everyday, something comfy but still stylish. The problem is that I just can't wear flat shoes, it makes me fell insecure and my feet look more clumsy I guess. So I decided to purchase some platform shoes which is a good solution for me and for my needs. It still has height but they're really comfy and soft. They are made of natural leather which means that they are more soft than the other synthetic materials. Also, I really love their design and I thing that they are going to be very trendy this summer. These shoes have a very easy fit colors and I have so many possible outfits to combine with them. I bought them from Max Moretti which is an Israeli chain store, for 131.18$. Yep, this is too pricey for them but this is the price of living here, in Israel. So I hope you like my new purchase and let me know what do you think about it. Just leave me messages down below! (:


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