Saturday, June 22, 2013

M·A·C Haul

Hi everyone!
My mother was abroad last week and she returned with some great products which I asked her to buy for me. As you know in Israel everything is more expensive, especially the high end makeup so that's the reason why I prefer to buy those things abroad or in Duty Free which is tax-free store. As you can see, all of the products are from M·A·C and I just fell in love with this brand, M·A·C products are just amazing. Up to now I tried just their lip-products, so I was very curious to try out their other products. I heard a lot of great things about M·A·C paint pots and their blushes as well. I picked up their most popular mineralize blush which is 'Warm Soul', one of their best-selling lipsticks which is 'Angel' and two very wearable paint pots in 'Bare Study' and 'Soft Ochre'.
M·A·C 'Angel' Frost Lipstick
I've wanted this lipstick for a very long time. 'Angel' is a very beautiful soft pink lipstick. I used to wear very dark eye-makeup so I've been searching for some neutral lipstick to soften the whole makeup look. I really pale so I don't like to use nude lipsticks, they're meld with my skin tone. 'Angel' is a perfect color because on the one hand it's not a nude color and still has attendance on the lips and on the other hand it's really soft color and not too dark as my other pink lipsticks.
M·A·C 'Warm Soul' Mineralize Blush
This is an amazing blush and it's probably going to be one of my favorites. 'Warm Soul' is a beautiful bronzy-peach color with shimmer in it. This is a mineralize blush so it's supposed to be more gentle to your skin. I just like the color, it's very buildable blush and it's not looking chunky on the skin.
M·A·C 'Bare Study' Paint Pot
M·A·C 'Soft Ochre' Paint Pot
These are amazing paint pots. I picked up two of them one in the shade 'Bare Study' and the other in 'Soft Ochre'. 'Bare Study' (on the top) is a satin beige color with a gold shimmer in it. I recommend to use 'Bare Study' with shimmer eye-shadows because it makes them pop on the eyelid. 'Soft Ochre' (on the bottom) is a skin-tone color with yellow undertone. It's great to apply it by itself for a very natural makeup looks and also as an eye-shadow base. If your skin have pink undertones you may love 'Painterly' which is another  M·A·C paint pot in natural skin-tone shade with pink undertone. These paint pots are great replacement to the eye-primer, they fix the eye-shadow on the eyelid and protect from eye-shadow creasing as well. You can apply it with the fingers but I found it more comfortable to apply it with a concealer brush. You must work fast with this product because it fixes very quickly and then it doesn't move.
^ Swatches ^
So, here are the swatches of all the products. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have any questions or requests you can leave me a message down below. See you in the next post! 

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