Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New H&M Sandals

Hi everyone!
You probably noticed that recently I have serious shoes obsession. I just love shoes, actually I think that you can rock any outfit with the right shoes. I used to wear platform shoes for everyday, so now another pair added to my collection.
That's how they are described on H&M website: 'Wedge sandals with imitation suede straps, and a fastener at the ankle. The wedge heel is covered in braided paper straw. Heel 11.5 cm. Rubber soles.'. I think that they are so pretty. I use to wear this powder pink color quite a lot in my outfits which means that I can combine these shoes with many clothes that I already have. Also they are so soft and comfortable and I'm just satisfied with my purchase.
Overall, I like the H&M brand, they have many great things in there. They have some good quality clothes and their bags are awesome too. The prices are not too high for my opinion. Recently I visited the Forever21 store and I was really disappointed. Their low-quality products are not worth the price that they charge as opposed to H&M products. In general, here, in Israel everything tends to be more expensive than abroad. I bought these sandals for ₪179 which is $48.55.  In H&M website they costs $34.95 which means that in Israel they costs $13.6 more and this is really annoying. That's why many people prefer to buy things online and I absolutely understand why. For example, I purchase my makeup online and I save a lot of money by that. Anyways, I hope you like this post and you can leave me comments below! ♥

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