Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Jewelry Box

Hi everyone!
Finally I gathered all my jewelry into one place. So far I used to keep my jewelry in its original packaging separately. It was really annoying cause it took me hours to find what I wanted. Also there were some things that I actually forgot that I have. So, that's the reason that I purchased this cute jewelry box to make my life easier. I really like the design and it even has a lock which is great. Every item has is own place. This jewelry box is by Intima which is an Israeli brand.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I meant to upload a clothes and accessories haul soon. So, keep checking my blog and feel free to leave me comments if you have any questions or requests! (:


  1. איזו קופסת תכשיטים יפה!
    ממש אהבתי את העיצוב שלה ואת הצבעים!!
    עשית לי חשק לאחת כזו גם :-)

    Vered'Style fashion blog

    1. תודה רבה! (:
      אני שמחה שאהבת...


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